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Bel Canyon Caregivers

Hello, we here at Blue Diamond Home Care are a 24 hour senior home care agency that services seniors in Southern CA with their medical and non-medical care needs. We understand the importance that many seniors are in need of in-home care. Studies have shown that more than 15% of Medicare patients that are sent home are readmitted to the hospital within just 25 to 30 days. Many of these cases occur due to medication errors and the lack of caregiver support. When a client is constantly having to be readmitted, this can be most difficult for the client and the children of the patients. Blue Diamond Home Care in-home care program is made of a systemic approach centered to encourage overall recovery. Our goal is to ensure that seniors are properly taken care in their as to prevent readmissions to hospitals. If you are seeking hardworking and professional caregivers in Malibu, CA then Blue Diamond Home Care is the choice for you. We are 24 hour home care agency that specializes in servicing seniors in Malibu CA. Our caregivers are high quality professionals that bring dynamic changes to our seniors lives. Our caregivers are thoroughly screened and background verified. One of the amazing aspects with YHDC is that we also employ nurses and nurse aides. Many senior agencies will only provide home care or licensed nurse care. At ” Blue Diamond Home Care ” we believe that you should be able to have your medical and non-meidical care needs met with “Your Direct Health Care” Our nursing department can assist with your medical care needs, While our caregivers can help with home based services. An amazing aspects with ” Your Direct Health Care” is that our management team members are all caregivers or nurses. We believed that those behind the scenes should also have first hand experience of how it feels to help seniors. When you enroll with ” Your Direct Health Care” you get a personal director or care coordinator who will be your point of contact.You will have the comfort knowing that these are individuals who have on the field expertise. We also have Los Angeles Caregivers and Los Angeles Senior Home Care Services.

We realize that bringing Bell Canyon Caregivers into your home is a crucial issue for many seniors. We have experienced Bell Canyon Caregivers Nurses ready to assist you.