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How are you going to help your senior loved one who needs in home care? 

 You can stay right in your home and receive the services of our caregivers for seniors instead of moving to an assisted living facility. At Blue Diamond Senior Home Care agency, you have 24 hour services provided for your seniors by well-trained caregivers. Our caregivers can take care of elders right in the comfort of their own homes. Care giving is a great responsibility, not just a mere job, and we are aware of this. We also have caregivers in Los Angeles for those who require in-home senior care giving services.

24 Hour Home Care Granada Hills

You may have noticed our 24 Hour Senior Care cars driven around by our dedicated senior care coordinators.They usually go out to presentations with families while helping them with their home care needs. You can stop by to say hello if you run into us on any such occasion, and you will be given access to our brochure where you will see all the information about us. So, if you need the services for your loved ones, kindly call our line, and we will be glad to be at your service.

We have an around-the-clock home care agency for taking care of seniors and disabled elders in Southern CA. We offer both non-medical and medical care services. If you have a Long Term Care insurance or a Medicare, please kindly call us.Some Long Term Care Insurance Companies we work with are Genworth, John Hanckock, Bankers Life,MetLife, Acsia, Transamerica, Guide One , Mutual of Omaha, and Med America. We understand that home care assistance is very important to many seniors. We can help seniors with Alzheimer Senior Care, Dementia Senior Care, and Diabetes Senior Care. Research has shown that over 15% of Medicare patients discharged from hospitals are readmitted within merely 25-30 days. This is usually as a result of medication errors, as the patients are no longer able to take care of themselves. Constant re-enrolling of a patient can be quite disheartening to both the patient and their loved ones.

Unique Plans OF Care

This is why Blue Diamond Home Care is here to provide the needed assistance to your seniors to enhance their speedy and overall recovery. Our primary aim is to give seniors the proper care they need so that the needless readmit  into the hospital will try to be avoided. Are you looking for professional and hardworking caregivers then this may be the right place you should go. Our home care agency is open for 24 hours in Granada Hills CA , and our professional caregivers specialize in giving seniors the best home care they deserve. We are always at your service.

We Can Assist With Both

Unlike most home care centers  that provide only licensed care nurse or home care, here we make efforts to provide all the services you will need. Both our caregivers and our nurses work hand in hand to provide you with care services and medical needs respectively. Our staff is made up of qualified and experienced who are good at what they do. We are not just here to put money in our pockets like many other agencies who hire only business minded staff. We have your interest at heart and that’s why we have put in the effort to hire only experts in this field to take care of our patients. So, at Your Direct Health Care, you can always relax and be confident that you are in good hands.

Services We Can Assist With

  • Alzheimer Care , Incontinence Care,
  • Post Operation Care, Respite Care,
  • Showers, Bathing Care ( Bed Bath’s),
  • Oral Care ( See link for more information)
  • Hospice Care,
  • Denture Care,
  • Grooming, Meal Preparation,
  • Dressing, errands,
  • Companionship,
  • Walking Assistance,
  • Transportation,
  • Re positioning of bed bound clients for the prevention of bed sores Exercising,

Dusting, Dishes, Transfer Care (Housekeeping,Laundry), Vacuuming, Linen’s Cleaned, Store Pick Ups, Water Plants ,Pet Care and many more. Specify your caregiving needs when you call us, and you will be sure to get it. Non-medical Home Care, Medical Home Health Care, Stroke Care, Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care, Parkinson’s Care, Special Needs Care.
Nursing Home—Skilled nursing care
Assisted Living Facilities—congregate care, board care, adult home care,
Domiciliary—In your place of residence
Independent Living –Senior apartments, senior housing, retirement communities

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) Accepted :
We accept long term care insurance from companies, whether big or small. Some of the companies we accept are Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, Mass Mutual financial group, Greenworth Financial, John Hancock, Bankers Life, ACSIA Partners, MetLife, Guide One, New York Life, Med America, Northwesthern Mutual, Conseco, CAN, State Farm, Finestone Partners, and Pacific Way.

Hospital Caregivers Granada Hills, CA
You can find the most appropriate home care service for your senior citizens in Granada Hills California. Senior Home Care in Beverly Hills assists not only senior citizens but also disabled elders. Our dedication to service is well known is many areas like Orange County, Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles, Fernando Valley, and Ventura County. Our mission is to create high-quality care for disabled elders and senior citizens at a quite affordable rate. We are committed to making continuous improvements on our services and training. Our well-trained caregivers are equal to any kind of task no matter the size. Sign up with us now at Senior Home Care in Beverly Hills and all your needs will be taken care of by our caregivers. We have an around-the-clock/live in care for those who require care at all times. Bring your parents to us today and rest assured that they are in safe hands.
We have a rigorous screening process through which we hire our staff. We have a carefully laid down procedure for selecting our caregivers, both males and females. This includes background check, previous employment, medical background check, TB test, driving record check, CPR card and lots more. We are aware that quality home care begins with a quality staff, that’s why we take our time to select our caregivers.
Our certified and well-trained caregivers and nursing assistants in Granada Hills are experienced in giving care in such areas as walking, incontinence, bathing, dressing, medication reminders, meal preparation, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, as well as transporting you to keep your appointment with doctors, and to the grocery stores. We are aware that professional caregivers should have reverence for and compassion on their patients, and that’s why we have selected the very best for you. Our staff is well-trained and we assure you of their ability to do a good job. They are dedicated and always at your service, working for your convenience. We also have an in-home care service for those who require it in Granada Hills. We partner with other home health care centers to give you the best advanced medical care.
Our Services at Caregivers Beverly Hills, CA
Bathroom and Incontinence Assistance
Shower, Bathing, and dressing Assistance!
Positioning and Transferring
Ambulation (Walking) Assistance
Medication Reminders
Light Housekeeping
Meal Preparation
Transportation, groceries, errands, and doctors appointment!

Caregivers Beverly Hills, CA – Nurse Home Health Visits

Monitoring Vital Signs
Nurse Services
Dressing Changes and Wound Care
Ostomy Care
Medication Management
Glucose and Diabetes Management!
Intravenous Therapy
Post op surgical Care
G-tube Care
Catheter Care
Hourly Shifts
24 hour live in care
Overnight Care
Short term or Long term Care
Travelling Care

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Senior citizens in areas around Los Angeles are provided with home care and caregivers by Your Direct Health Care. We also provide a 24 Hour services for seniors and partner with other home health care agencies to provide assistance for seniors in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, and other nearby cities. For more information about us, kindly see ” The Centers For Disease Control ”.