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Our Goal We aim to create it a beneficial experience to stay at home. We do this by enabling you to appoint your caretaker from a set of qualified elderly care suppliers, enabling you to retain your timetable
and offering individualized elderly care facilities to you or your loved one (unskilled caretakers may be used in instances where no personal care or hygiene help is required).

Are you in need of care for senior citizens?

Is your admired one incapable of providing professional care for him or herself. Do you truly believe you need to have a caretaker for your admired one? Well, you’ve come to the correct
location, because for your loved one we just have the correct type of inclusive care. We offer a platform that is the foundation of any appropriate non-medical care required at this moment of life
by a senior citizen. We can assist them in all the daily duties, starting from personal care to medical care. We are here to assist you throughout this challenging but inevitable aspect of life.
The Services We Provide Our services involve bathing, shower aid, personal care, transportation assistance for a range of reasons, grocery and light home maintenance orders, dressing assistance based on preferential care, assist with doctor’s appointments, toilet and hygiene aid, medication reminders to individuals with neglected tendencies, meal preparation and much more.

Why does one need a caregiver?

It is common for seniors to become dependent on caregivers when they attain that specific age, they begin to seek assistance from their loved ones. Due to fatigue, exhaustion, and the need for
medical assistance, they become dependent and are unable to perform modest daily duties.

Working With Your Schedule

You are in control of everything with Senior Home Care. Your Senior Home Care provider will not determine your timetable, we will work around you schedule (i.e., when to wake up, when to take
showers, meal plans, etc.). Adjusting to your timetable and ensuring that you stay comfortable in your residence is our task.

Skilled Caregivers

It is necessary to bond and insure all Senior Home Care providers. In countries where registration is needed, our strategy is to have the suitable state permit for our elderly care organizations to
allow “hands-on” care. This can offer you the sense of security that your loved one’s house will have a trustworthy caretaker.

Finding the Right Person For You

No two people are the same. Therefore, Senior Home Care does everything in its power to match
the perfect caregiver for your loved one. 

24 Hour Blue Diamond Home Caregivers Tarzana provides certified caregivers, non-medical care givers, and personal care for seniors (and individuals of all ages) who live with mental or physical limitations, such as Alzheimer disease, dementia, or Parkinson’s. We bring you the very best in long-term care, temporary in-home care, and other at-home care services in Beverly Hills.  We would like to work with you on your family’s in-Home Care and Elder Senior Caregiver needs.

Caregivers TarzanaBlue Diamond Home Care Provides a Helping Hand at Home

Caring for an aging parent or family member can be exhausting, difficult and lonely work – but you are not alone. Thousands of families seek quality senior caregivers every year and find comfort and relief with 24 Hour Home Care.

Affordable, Compasionate, Respeted Choice

We are an affordable, compassionate and respected Senior Care choice for family caregivers who want to keep their family members at home rather than choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility. From Live-In Care to our short wellness visits–our attentive, dependable caregivers can offer emotional care and quality of life to your loved ones and much needed respite care for you. We know when you need caregivers Tarzana you want someone you can trust!

When you need in-home medical care (such as licensed nurses), when you want at-home memory care for someone with Alzheimers, or when you just need basic respite care (bathing, companionship, or light housekeeping), 24 Hour Home Care in Tarzana can meet your in-home care needs. We accept most types of insurance.

We are experts in providing compassionate caregivers for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Alzheimers / Dementia / Memory Care
  • Parkinsons disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Other physical/mental limitations

Cost For Caregiver Services In Los Angeles

Perhaps one of the most often questions we are asked is what is the cost. The cost for caregivers services depends on what the level or care is for the client. Let us say you have needs for care for someone who has dementia and they need basic around the home chores this level of cost would be far different that someone who needs full care who is bed bound and wears adult diapers. Let us say you sign up and the hourly rate is $ 20 dollars per hour and you need care for 12 hours per day. So the rate is $ 20 dollar but by CA law anything over 8 hours becomes overtime of 1.5x the normal rate. So if you are getting 12 hours per day at 5 days per week your cost would break down as follows.

8 hours (x) $ 20.00 dollars = $ 160 dollars

4 Hours at overtime makes the rate $ 20 dollars (x) 1.5x =  $ 30 ( x) 4 hrs = $ 120 dollars

12 Hour shift cost is 8 hours at $ 160 dollars and 4 hours at $ 120 dollars making total $ 280 dollars

Now in order to save money you may be better off getting a 24 hour live in caregiver. Live in rates are much less expensive when you hire a live in caregiver at $ 265 dollars per day that is a difference of $ 265 dollars per 24 hour Live vs $ 560 dollars if you are paying $ 20 dollars per hour for two 12 hour shifts. The price difference is $ 295 dollars per day.  Or $ 1,475.00 dollars per week, which makes your savings $ 5,900 dollars per month or $ 70,800.00 dollars per year.

If a live in caregiver is not an option for you then you can consider hiring two caregivers for 6 hours each to make your 12 hour shift or one 8 hour caregiver and another part time caregiver at 4 hours.

6 hours (x) $ 20 dollars = $ 120 dollars ( Caregiver # 1) AND – 6 hours (x) $ 20 dollars = $ 120 dollars ( Caregiver # 2). This would make your cost of a 12 hour shift just $ 240 dollars per day. So at $ 240 dollars per day that i still a difference of $ 40 dollars less per day then if you hire one person for 12 hours. So if you are doing 5 days per week at $ 40 dollars less per day you save $ 200 per week or $ 800 per month which comes to $ 9,600 dollars less per year.

Please not that all major US holidays are overtime. Holidays as Dec 25th, New Years, etc. If you would like a full list of what holidays require overtime call us at 1-877-264-0896

24 Hour Live In Care vs Hourly Caregivers

When you sign up with Your Direct Health Care it is possible to either get hourly care or 24 hour live in care. When you do live in care we have caregivers who can work for a flat live in rate. This benefits customers who are needing full around the clock care. Our caregivers will stay with the client for 24 hours a day and spend the night. For example lets say you need full 24 hour for your parents for 7 days per week. What we would do is let you meet a few caregivers and every 3 to 4 days we would switch the caregivers off. This prevents caregiver burnout and allows you to see what caregivers are doing best for your family member. When you have on call caregivers you get enrolled into a care package that allows you to call us when needed a we provide care as needed.


Live In Caregivers

For live in caregivers we do a flat rate. Let us say you hire an hourly caregiver at $ 20.00 dollars per hour and you do 2 shifts at 12 hours each you are now looking at a total cost of 8 hours(x) $ 20 = $160 dollars and 4 Hours (x) [ $20x(1.5 Overtime) = $ 120 ] so the cost for a 12 hour shift hourly runes you $ 280.00 per 12 hours now if you are doing 2 shifts that runs you $ 560 dollars for 24 hours. If you are doing that 5 days per week that is a cost of $ 2,800.00 dollars per week or $ 11,200.00 dollars per month or $134,400 dollars per year. If you do a 24 hour live in care rate we can provide you the care you need for just $ 315 dollars per 24 hours. That runs you $ 1,575.00  dollars per week or $ 6,300 per month which is $ 75,000.00 dollars per year. That is a difference of $ 134,400.00 dollars hourly vs $ 75,000.00 dollars for Live In Care. So with a live in case you literally save $ 59,400.00 dollars per year. For more information about how our live in care works callus at 1-877-264-0896 and speak to one of our care managers.