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Medicare Services


Do you have Medicare Insurance ? Do you realize what types of health care plans care covered through Medicare Insurance? There are many aspects to insurance that can be confusing and thankfully we are here so that we can assist you with any and all questions regarding insurance. 

MedicareMedicare covers what is called Home Health Care. Home Health Care is like getting in home care but is considered skilled care. Skilled care covers such items as Physical Therapy, Nurse Visits, Home Health Aide Visits, Bathing, Meal Preparation, Etc. Home healthcare is skilled care to help someone get healthy while at home. It comes after a doctor’s visit OR a hospital stay and provided by medical professionals.

Additional Services Through Medicare 

Skilled nursing
At-home physical therapy
Pain Management
Caring for wounds
Prescription management

Different Parts Of Medicare 

Medicare Part A does the costs of health care when at a medic center or at hospital

Medicare Part B covers the cost of health care outside of medical facilities. This would include doctor visits, outpatient procedures and more. This also covers wheelchairs and scooters, oxygen tanks, and ambulance services.

Medicare Part C is optional private insurance that Humana, Aetna, UnitedHealth, and others provide. Better known as Medicare Advantage Plans, Part C involves paying premiums to those insurers, which then provide coverage for charges that Parts A and B don’t pay for.